Just click on the fire to help our friend not get burned. :)

This game was made for the TV Game Jam by @peregrintux and @icytouch (it's our first finished game. :D)

We hope you enjoy it!


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Fantastic entry and great little game! I love the IT Crowd and this is one of my favourite episodes! The game was fun and well made and I really enjoyed the little details in the office from other IT Crowd episodes like "The Internet" box! Well done :D

We are very happy that you liked the mini game! Thank you for playing it, for the comments and suggestions, at some point we will add some background music and some improvements to the game. :)


This is awesome. Moss is just sitting there. He knows the number off by heart. Why doesn't he make the call?  Well done. I love your sense of humour.


Thanks for your feedback..! And I think Moss just doesn't measure the danger of the fire... :D